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The Authority In Rooftop Landscapes

Join the Rooftop Garden Revolution.

Do you have a passion for the outdoors and landscaping? Ever dreamed of turning dull, unused rooftop spaces into breathtaking urban oases? Your journey begins with Terrace Up — the gateway to your success in the burgeoning rooftop landscaping industry.

The Sky Is Your Limit

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Unique Market Niche

Rooftop landscaping is a rapidly growing niche within the construction industry that offers high profit potential. More and more cities are implementing legislation that either requires or incentivizes the creation of green roof spaces on buildings. Building owners are increasingly recognizing the economic benefits. Green roofs contribute to lower energy costs and significantly enhance the marketability of buildings.

Comprehensive Training & Ongoing Support

Our training and support includes a focus on best practices for aspects of a project lifecycle, such as estimating, contract terms, payment terms, invoicing, cash flow management, project management and closeout, organizing work crews, and equipment.

Proven Success & Relationships

Terrace Up has a track record of excellence and success in the rooftop landscaping industry. By joining our franchise, you also gain access to and benefit from established relationships with vendors, general contractors, landlords, and consultants.

Sustainability Focused

At the heart of our mission lies a deep commitment to the environment. Our rooftop landscapes are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they’re a step towards a sustainable future. Our green roofs play a pivotal role in absorbing stormwater, mitigating urban heat island effects, enhancing air quality, and providing vital habitats for wildlife and pollinators. Join us in creating spaces that don’t just look good, but do good too.

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Landscape Business Owners

Looking to UPgrade your current landscaping company? Owning a Terrace Up franchise will send you to the sky! Learn more about what it takes to be on top of the world with this exciting new franchising opportunity.

Construction & Green Roof Contractors

Convert your business to a Terrace Up franchise and start running a more efficient business. Learn more about how you can climb to new heights with our streamlined systems and manufacturer trusted name.

Project Managers

Stop working for other people and start managing your own projects. With Terrace Up you can take your skills to the next level, all while being your own boss. Learn more about this exciting new franchising opportunity.


Looking for something new? Take to the sky with Terrace Up-- a unique new franchise. Learn more about what it takes to send your business through the roof with this exciting new franchising opportunity.

What Does It Cost?

*Refer to Item 7 of the 2024 Terrace Up Franchise Inc. Franchise Disclosure Document for full details.